Garnier Light Complete Vitamin C Serum and Brightening Sunscreen SPF50 Skincare Set

Garnier Light Complete Vitamin C Serum and Brightening Sunscreen SPF50 Skincare Set

Brand: Garnier



Get that morning glow with our NEW Morning Glow Duo: Garnier Light Complete Super UV Matte Sunscreen and Serum Set. Boosted with Vitamin C and with an SPF 50+, this duo brightens your skin and fades spots while protecting your skin from UVA/UVB rays against skin darkening and dullness. Apply first our Vitamin C Serum which fades dark spots in just 3 days with the power of 30x Vitamin C. Afterwards, apply the Super UV Matte Sunscreen which is non-oily and has a matte formula that is specially designed for Asian women. Use this matte sunscreen daily at the end of the skincare routine as an everyday UV protector or moisturizing makeup base.


High protection SPF 50+ PA+++ sunscreen
Maximize sun protection
More than just a sunscreen protect from UV rays, for skin to stay radiant and spotless (Spot-Proof your skin!)
Leaves no stain on fabric
Even out skin tone
Matte formula designed for Asian women
Matte finish
Non-sticky, non-greasy, non-oily
Can wear under everyday make up
Suitable for daily use


Brightens your skin and protects from UV rays and uneven skin tone!


Step 1: Spread the serum thinly and evenly on perfectly cleansed face and neck.

Step 2: Apply evenly over the areas of your skin that will be exposed to sunlight, such as your face and neck.


Keep away from direct sunlight. Store at room tempera

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