GlutaMAX Instant White Matte Finish Body Cream with SPF 50

GlutaMAX Instant White Matte Finish Body Cream with SPF 50

Brand: GlutaMAX



Looking for a skin whitening body cream that's non-sticky and rich with moisturizers? Then this is perfect for you, ladies! The GlutaMAX Instant White Body Cream enhanced with Nano White Technology more than just counteracts the sun's damaging effects to your skin, it also whitens dark elbows and knees that you've been trying to hide forever! It contains the following active whitening ingredients:

Nanowhite Technology - safely inhibits the pigmentation process and reduces melanin synthesis for a luminous, even skin tone
Superox-C - fights oxidative stress
Titanium Dioxide - responsible for the instant white effect
Vitamin B3 - removes skin blemishes and moisturizes the skin

Directions For Use:
Apply generously to dull and dark a

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