Maternea Intimate Gel with FREE 20 Anti Stretch Mark Body Cream Sachet

Maternea Intimate Gel with FREE 20 Anti Stretch Mark Body Cream Sachet

Brand: Maternea


Hormonal imbalances decrease the body’s natural defences and can cause vaginal discomfort such as infections, redness, itching and burning. To avoid such problems, proper intimate hygiene and special daily care in maintaining optimal pH levels are essential.

Maternea Intimate Gel is specially formulated for the needs of pregnant women. The formula contains a combination of ingredients which helps to maintain normal pH levels (3,5-4,5) in the intimate area during pregnancy. Perfect for a quick and easy daily hygiene routine, the gel provides a feeling of freshness and cleanliness.

The combination of ingredients gently cleans the intimate area, protecting it from infections and keeping it healthy.
Lactic Acid
Lactic acid helps to maintain optimal pH during pregnancy (between 3,5 and 4,5).

Chamomile Extract
Chamomile extract is known for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. It has antioxidant and antibacterial properties. The healing powers come from the plant’s flowers, which contain bisabolol, oxides A and B, and flavonoids. Other properties of the extract include anti-erythema (skin reddening) and antipruritic qualities, stimulating circulation and enhanced healing of damaged skin (eczema and psoriasis).

Allantoin has a naturally soothing and healing action which increases the water content in the extracellular matrix, strengthening the cell’s structure. It also moisturizes and makes skin smoother, and promotes cells’ regeneration for faster healing of wounds and scars.

Glycerine helps to keep the skin healthy and calm.

Maternea Intimate Gel creates a delicate foam that cleanses quickly and rinses off easily.
Use daily during and after pregnancy. Apply to the intimate area when showering, and rinse well.
For external use only. Do not use directly on stitches.

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