Tiny Buds Boxless Laundry Powder 1KG Eco Friendly Choice

Tiny Buds Boxless Laundry Powder 1KG Eco Friendly Choice

Brand: tiny Buds


Did you know that for each product that you purchase, 10% and more of the price you pay is spent on product packaging?

This is heavy on the wallet and also heavy on our environment. That's why for the first time ever, Tiny Buds offers an Eco-Friendly Choice! Reduce the packaging by buying our Laundy Powder without the box and enjoy both price savings and saving the environment too!

We now offer our 1KG Natural Laundry Powder without the Box. For moms who want to get the goodness of Tiny Buds Laundry Powder while making a positive choice to reduce waste.

Made with Coconut
Safe for Cloth Diapers
Machine Hand-Wash Safe
Color Safe Formula
Recommended for babies Family members with sensitive skin
Keeps mommy’s hands soft
Trusted by Pediatricians

Thankyou to each mom who chooses this! You are making a tiny Differ

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