Top 15 Best Foot Deodorants in Shopee Philippines【202107】


Are you looking for the best Foot Deodorants but don’t know who to trust? Our team (your life smart assistant!) have collected the best product/service recommendation list in Shopee Philippines for you. Our goal is to help you make the right decisions and save your time & money. You can click the product/service item links to get more detail information.

Recommended List

DeoPlus Tawas Powder for Underarm & Foot 50g

Fissan Prickly Heat Powder 50g

Milcu Underarm & Foot Deodorant Powder 40G

Biofresh FMFCRM Antimicrobial Foot and Heel Cream

Human Nature Hand & Foot Salve Eucalyptus 50g

Biofresh FMD1/FLD1 Diabetic Socks

DEONAT Mineral Natural Deodorant Spray 100ml

Bite Block Anti-Mosquito Citronella Patches

Human Nature Deodorizing Foot Spray for Men 100ml

PRETTY SECRET Strawberry and Vanilla Foot Pack with Pumice 4 x 120ml

Watsons Foot Ease Soothin Foot Soak Mint 177

Cofoe 30pcs/Bag  Herbal Foot SPA Powder Chinese Medicine Wormwood/Angelica/Ginger/Saffron/Motherwort Dampness

PRETTY SECRET Eucalyptus and Peppermint  Foot Pack with Pumice 4 x 120ml

PRETTY SECRET Lavender and Chamomile Foot Pack with Pumice 4 x 120ml

MILCU Sports Deodorant Underarm & Foot Powder 80g

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